FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Ultimate Comparison (Which game will be better ?) - MAHWOS

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FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Ultimate Comparison (Which game will be better ?)

FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Ultimate Comparison (Which game will be better ?)

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FIFA 17 vs PES 2017 Ultimate Comparison (Which game will be better ?)

This is the time of the year when the usual hype about new installments of two most popular football games begins. Both EA Sports and Konami has officially released the teaser trailers and all the new game features for their respective franchises of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. FIFA 17 is set to be released on 29th September while PES 2017 will be released a week earlier on 20th September.

Unlike the previous few editions of both franchises, this year we are set to get major overhauls in both games specially FIFA who are taking a totally different route with all new “Story Mode” where you can play the story of a young footballer (Alex Hunter) and his persuit to greatness. While PES 2017 has revealed several key gameplay tweaks. We take indepth look at both games and how things are shapping up for this year’s ultimate game rivalry.

We begin with putting teaser trailers of both games. FIFA 17 is being heavily marketed with their new “Story Mode” but there are other major changes in the game including ditching “ignite engine” and introducing all new “Frostbite engine” which will take the series to new levels.

PES has brought in number of improvements in already classic gameplay. From huge list of unique player models, better first touch, precise passing and so many other tweaks. We take a deeper look at what both camps has promised so far.

Over the years PES series has pride itself as the best football game interms of real gamplay and physics but EA Sports has improved drastically over the last 6-7 years and now FIFA is by far the highest selling game and they must be doing something right. Lets take a look at what FIFA 17 is promising this year.

FIFA 17 New Features:

EA Sports officially released the first set of trailers and new features of FIFA 17 during this year’s E3 gaming convention. FIFA’s all new story mode where you get to play with youngster “Alex Hunter” in the story mode created alot of buzz but there were several other features which went unnoticed. Here is the precise list of new features set to take FIFA to whole new level.

  1. Story Mode: As we mentioned before, EA Sports created alot of buzz with their announcement of all new story mode where you can play as “Alex Hunter” and realize your destiny playing through different stages of his career. Its a full fledged story mode with cut scenes and statistics.
  2. New Frostbite game engine: Graphics and animation will get to a new level with EA Sports using Frostbite game engine which will take full advantage of next-gen consoles power.
  3. All new Set Pieces: The set pieces has been completely overhauled where you can customize not only corner kicks but also direct/indirect freekick. Several new types of shoots are including for example “outside of the foot” and driven shots. While more control over the “bend” makes freekicks even more interesting.
  4. Physical Play improvements: For the first time in FIFA series, EA Sports has taken the physical aspect of the game to new levels with all new “PUSHBACK TECH” and “360° SHIELD DRIBBLE” you can not only shield the ball better and easier but also more control over players movement with the ball.
  5. New shoots & passing moves: For the first time you will have control over how player shoot in different scenarios. From driven finishes where you can produce low driven shoots and also downward headers. While new passing mechanism called “threaded through-balls” is introduced.
  6. Improved AI: EA says this every year but maybe just maybe this year they really mean it. They are set to introduce more “player run types” for example you can ask your teammate to fake a run, stunt run or just call a player for support both in attack and while defending.
Once the official gameplay videos of FIFA 17 are released we will update this post with actual analysis of does all these changes are reflected in the game or not.

PES 2017 New Features: 

Konami announced PES 2017 with tagline “Control reality”. Their main focus has been to improve the actual gameplay rather than other flashy stuff. They have announced several new features and here is what they are promising for this year’s title.

  1. Improved first touch system: PES has put alot more emphasis on 1st touch and they have included number of parameters to calculate 1st touch timing. From player’s attribute to actual ball physic scenario will play a key role how player control their first touch.
  2. Precise passing: Introduction of precision passing will greatly improve the overall gameplay experience. Depending on the skill of the player you can now pick out teammate with range of passing options including precision short and long range pass plus meaningful longballs.
  3. Complete control over strategies and tactics: Advance instructions can be set with wide range of tactics from tiki-taka to tight marking. gameplay styles such as attacking through the middle or using both flanks. Set target man and passing styles like long balls, short or direct passing. Press in your own half or all over the pitch.
  4. Set piece control: PES has finally introduce number of options while taking set pieces. Specially on corner kicks both attacking and while defending. For example you can choose whether to defend the corner with zonal marking or man to man.
  5. other features include graphic improvement all around the game, hundreds of new animations plus weather and pitch conditions. We will be updating once the actual gameplay footage is released by konami.

So which game you should buy ? Well from the looks of things FIFA 17 has already put its authority with number of changes and gameplay modes. EA Sports marketing style is very aggressive and they are highly likely to blow away PES 2017 as far as the sales are concerned. But if you like real football this year’s PES might just take you back to its roots with realism at its best. Until the actual gameplay footage are released FIFA 17 wins the first round overall.

I would love to hear your take on both games announcement and trailers so far. Which game you are likely to buy and why ? let me know your thoughts. 

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